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Some Twitter Tools You Need To know

1 TweetDeck: This dashboard application, which is available as Web or desktop version, interfaces with the Twitter API to let users send and view tweets. 2. twitrand: This tool lets you randomly (i.e., fairly) select winners for contests you run on Twitter. If you’re using giveaways or other contests as a marketing tool on Twitter, this app can make your life a lot easier. 3. CloudFlood: This tool lets users give away a product on their site (for example, an ebook) in exchange for a tweet or share. If you’re looking to use Twitter as a way to increase visibility of your blog or e-commerce site, CloudFlood can be a great way to spread the word. 4. GroupTweet: This app lets multiple contributors tweet from the same account, a useful feature for anyone who tweets as part of an organization. A number of big organizations, from ABC to Syracuse University–have already jumped on board here. 5. OfferPop: This app lets you hook your Twitter followers up with access to exclusive offers and content. If you have a product to sell and a group of followers that c


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