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7 activities that migh get your adsense account banned or disable

google adsense is one of ppc network in the world that off a quality service in term of this post am going to show you 7 activities that can disable your account
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1 Showing ADULT CONTENTS:google Tos is strictly against showing sexual and adult content and material on blogs and website,
2 POPUP ADS:google will certainly ban you adsense account if you insert your ads code in a popup window
3 DISPLAYING MORE THAM MAXIMUM ALLOWED AD UNIT PER PAGE: you account might get banned if google notices that you placed more ad units more than the maximum that is allowed
4 USING LINK BUILDING RERVICE: the use of link building service to build links to your blog or website might lead your adsense account being banned or disable
5 CREATING MULTIPLE ACCOUNT:google does not allow one person to create more than one account,and if your adsense account is suspected to have more than one account you will banned or disable. note that logging in one computer with multiple account can cause you banned.
6 PAID TRAFFIC: buying traffic is against googles tos.your account might be banned if google notice that your bout your traffic.
7 CLICKFRAUD:clicking on your own ad or asking someone to click for you ,if google find out your account might be banned or disable.

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